Urgently Wanted Empty Properties

In To Deal or Not on September 5, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Property plus concentrates on getting empty properties back into use by brokering sensible deals between individuals, developers, investors and the owners of…well..’Ugly’ properties and Brownfield development land, particularly in partnership with local authorities.

We can arrange deals for any type of property but particularly specialise in difficult residential or commercial properties that will not sell easily, need renovation or updating, in a poor location…..or just plain unusual or ugly!   We have people waiting to buy these types of properties with a smooth hassle-free transaction.

We see ourselves as a catalyst for brokering empty or substandard housing back into use, particularly for low cost housing. All over the UK there are empty properties that should be in use and we want to help speed that process with our social – commercial philosophy.

Our aim is to provide an effective customer service to clients wishing to dispose of property or land by realising sensible prices for them and to have a wide selection of property available to suit our many purchasers’ individual requirements.

07401 091 813

Urgently Wanted Empty Properties.


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