Branching Into Sales: To Research or Not!

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Sales and Marketing Questionnaire

1) Maslow argues that there is a ‘Hierarchical System’ that is quintessentially a characteristic that underpins how various social cultural groups are persuaded to buy one product over another regardless of price or demographics. Therefore, can you answer these questions after first doing a little bit of research to help you to address them both quantitatively as well as qualitatively too?

1.1 What are the hierarchical groups that Maslow is referring to?

1.2 How do cultural demographics help telemarketing [sales] personnel to clearly define which groups are more than likely to purchase the products that they are selling to them?

1.3 What is meant by egoism?

1.4 How does egoism help to protect us from the being inundated with telesales calls?

1.5 What is the “Law of Scarcity?”

1.6 How could you use this principle with devastating effect?

1.7 How many people live in Wellingborough?

1.8 What are the demographical profiles of those people in Wellingborough?

1.9 What was the average household spending for Wellingborough in 1999?

1.10 Michael Argyle, [Late Professor Emeritus: Social Sciences] argues that our psychological volition is constantly being subjugated to external peer pressure. What does this statement mean in reality for telesales personnel?

1.11 How do the media influence each demographical groups buying behaviour based upon the psychological paradigm shifting processes?

1.12 What is meant by the “Tunnelling” sales process?

1.13 How can its usage be applied to:

a. Class A type buyers as opposed to Class E buyers?

b. Classes A to E have different social-psychological intrinsic/extrinsic decision buying processes. Can you define in your own words how you would tackle this particular anomaly? Where would you gather your research data to extrapolate the reasons for and against such an anomaly in directing your sales performance?

c. What is the average spending criteria; under the present “Credit crunch” that is, of demographical classes C – E?

eDigitalResearch Team Takes A Step Up

Written by eDigital Research
Leading market research specialist, eDigitalResearch is continuing to celebrate what looks set to become another record year for the company,
after being appointed to work with a succession of new clients.

The addition of new clients has led to a series of eight internal promotions.Lacey Tudur and Lucy Russell advance to research managers; Jenny Gidley and Graham Larkin have both been promoted to senior research analysts; and Michael Garland and Thomas Sondej will be taking on the roles of research analysts.

Elsewhere Ed Dick has been promoted to marketing executive and Hannah Lewis has progressed to the research department.

Founding Director Michelle Fuller explains that,

“We’ve worked hard to achieve business success and over the past ten years. Witnessing the fundamental growth of the Internet and subsequent online culture and in turn migrating traditional research methodologies online has enabled us to supply top UK brands with innovative digital research, capable of providing authentic and actionable feedback.

As our insight ingenuity and technological advances progress, we are continuing to provide clients with superior and pioneering methodologies.
Part of our unique offering is largely due to the ability, expertise and commitment of eDigitalResearch employees, without whom we would not have been able to achieve all we have set out to accomplish in the past several months.”

About eDigitalResearch

For further information, please visit:


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