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Susan Boyle launches talent contest

Have you dreamed a dream of duetting with the ‘hairy angel’? Then your hopes could soon become a reality …

[Reprinted from the Guardian] -Tuesday 13 July 2010 13.25 BST

Reporter: Sean Michaels

Susan Boyle
Boyle-in-the-bag … Susan’s Search aims to find the singer a duet partner.

Susan Boyle would like to discover the next Susan Boyle. The world’s favourite Scottish singer has launched a new online contest, the winner of which will duet with Boyle on the 49-year-old’s forthcoming second album.

It’s called Susan’s Search. And although this makes it sound like a melancholy TV special about Boyle’s love life, the competition could well be the golden ticket for another lonely spinster sitting at home with her cat. After being discovered on Britain’s Got Talent, Boyle went on to release the bestselling UK album of 2010.

“When I did Britain’s Got Talent, I was given a chance by Simon Cowell to show what I could do,” Boyle explained in a video on her website. “This got me thinking about people who maybe missed the opportunity, so I came up with the idea for Susan’s Search … It’s about giving other people an opportunity … [to] live the dream.”

Boyle herself will be judging the contest, which invites contenders to submit videos via her YouTube channel. But although there’s already a raft of Boyle-a-likes, from the Chinese Susan Boyle to the Taiwanese Susan Boyle, those gunning for the prize will have to start shaking their jingle bells. To qualify, all singers must perform the Christmas classic Silent Night, which Boyle recorded for last year’s I Dreamed a Dream.

This popular carol is a little at odds with the reported style of Boyle’s second album, The Gift, which is due in November. For this, the singer is apparently exploring her “jazzy” 1960s side, revisiting what she called “my era”.

Perhaps there will be miniskirts.









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