Little Miss. Mafia

In This Day In History on September 26, 2010 at 2:58 pm


X Factor hooker Chloe Mafia caught on camera snorting cocaine!

EXCLUSIVE by Will Payne

X Factor prostitute Chloe Mafia is caught on camera snorting line after line of cocaine – before going to meet a client for sex.

Our shocking footage shows the single mother hoovering up huge quantities of the drug, three days before an estimated 13m viewers watched her on last night’s show.

Click here to see the video.

The 19-year-old vice girl, who says she takes the Class A substance every night, then met a punter who she charged £450 for a sordid two-hour sex session.

Chloe’s drug binge took place in a hotel suite while a friend looked after her two-year-old daughter Destiny.

She expertly snorted four large lines of cocaine in just 50 minutes, taking her first hit minutes after arriving in the room.

And shockingly, mid-way through the drug session, she admitted to friends she is often high in front of her little girl – who she leaves with a pal in the hotel lobby while she meets clients for sex.

Speaking freely as she downed glasses of pink champagne, the wannabe pop star said: ‘This job, you know, it gets you bad with the coke. I hadn’t had it for two years and I started doing this work and now I do it every night. If I carry on like this I’ll be a coke-head as well as a hooker.’

She then described a binge with a drug-dealing client where she snorted so much she could not even open a wrapped loaf of bread.

She said: ‘Once I was in a hotel seeing this guy who sells coke and he got out a massive bag of the stuff and whacked it on the table. He cut up a load of massive lines – they were fat and long like sausages.

‘I didn’t even think it was that strong and I did loads but then it hit me and I was f****d. I went downstairs and the moment the guy on reception saw me he said, ‘You’re coked out of your head aren’t you?’.

‘I was so out of it I walked into the hotel kitchen, but once I got in there I couldn’t even open the packaging on a loaf of bread. I was that bad.

“One of my mates had been looking after Destiny while I was with the dealer, but she came into the kitchen and saw me. I felt really bad being that f****d in front of my little girl.’

Our drug-taking revelations will prove hugely embarrassing for The X Factor supremo Simon Cowell, who has been criticised for letting Chloe stay in the show despite her being a prostitute.

He has said: ‘We haven’t banned prostitutes. We can’t just take people off the show because they might do something that upsets some people.’

But it will be hard for bosses of the show, watched by millions of children, to defend her now.

Chloe, real name Chloe Heald – who was shown turning up late for her first Boot Camp practice session on last night’s show – denied being a sex worker this week, saying: ‘The claims I’m a prostitute have been heartbreaking.’

But our evidence proves she is just that.

The teenager from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, talks openly about her work and boasts she was late for Boot Camp because she had met a client the night before.

She told her friends: ‘When I was in London for X Factor I met this sexy guy from Facebook who keeps ringing me every day. He asked me what size clothes my daughter wears because he wanted to buy her some. He said he was going to take me on holiday and gave me his bank details.’

Chloe also said she arranged to meet a client after her first audition in Manchester.

But she failed to turn up after she stayed behind to speak to the show’s counsellors because she felt she had messed up her rendition of Shakira’s Underneath Your Clothes.

At one point during the teen’s cocaine session at the hotel in West Yorkshire she even tried to recruit her friend and another woman for a foursome with the client.

She said: ‘Tell him he can have three girls for the price of one, go on tell him. Ask him if he wants three.’

And one of Chloe’s friends says her drug habit is the main reason she has turned to prostitution. The friend also believes her behaviour is putting daughter Destiny at risk.

She said: ‘Chloe does coke every night of the week and struggles to function without it. She earns a lot escorting, but it all goes on clothes and coke. It can’t be safe looking after a child when you’re constantly on drugs.

‘Chloe often takes her on jobs. She’ll go upstairs with the client and her mate will look after Destiny in the hotel lobby. It’s a terrible environment for a child.’

Chloe also told of violence in her life, saying a heroin addict put a knife to her throat last Monday while Destiny watched from her pushchair.

Chloe, who has been arrested 140 times for a variety of crimes, said she had got into an argument with the woman at a railway station about Destiny being out with her at night.

She said in our footage: ‘Next thing, her boyfriend has passed her a knife and had it right to my throat while she’s pulling my hair. Destiny was right there. She saw the whole thing.’

Then she told of a male friend brutally ­attacking her – but added: ‘It’s only because he was p****d out of his head and on steroids.’

Chloe, who has had three boyfriends in the past month and still sees Destiny’s dad Ian Hough, said she is still on the look-out for a man and talked of The X Factor host Dermot O’Leary.

Deluded Chloe said: ‘I’m sure Dermot fancied me. He’d come next to me and put his arm round me and say, ‘You need a nice man to look after you’.’ And she said of Simon Cowell: ‘I wish I had sh***ed Simon. Then I’d be famous.’


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