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07 Nov 2010

The “Near Me” application will enable users to find out about Royal events and visits in their area, searchable on a map of the country.

While users will not be able to “poke” the Queen or send her “friend requests”, they will be able to use the Facebook “likes” application, represented by a “thumbs up” sign, to register themselves as fans of the Queen.

Facebook users who “like” the page will receive updates about the Royal Family through their news feed.

The public will also be able to post comments on the page and send the Royal Family messages by writing on the Queen’s Facebook “wall”.

The Court Circular, the record of the previous day’s official Royal engagements produced by the Royal Household, will also be made available on Facebook for the first time.

The Queen is said to have personally approved the plans for her new Facebook page, which will go live tomorrow at 8am.

A royal aide, said: “Facebook is probably the last bastion of social media the Royal Household had not yet entered, and the Queen is keen to be fully signed up to the 21st century.

“All plans for the Facebook page have been sent to the top, and the Queen has very much taken the lead on this.”

A spokesman for Facebook, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the British Monarchy to Facebook. People can now have a direct connection with the Royal Family through their page to see a unique glimpse into palace life.”

The launch of a Facebook page is the latest move by the monarchy to embrace modern technology.

Earlier this year, the Queen launched a Flickr account making more than 600 photographs of the Royal Family at work and play available to the public for the first time.

A Royal Twitter account was launched in 2009 and Royal Channel went live on YouTube in 2007.



The Queen also “podcast” her first Christmas Day message in 2006, and launched a website for herself and other members of the Royal Family in 1997.

At 84, the Queen, encouraged by her grandchildren, is said to be “very enthusiastic” about keeping up to date with technology. She uses a mobile phone, has her own private email address and “surfs” the web.

She has continually moved with the times and in 1953, marked her coronation by allowing television cameras into Westminster Abbey for the first time for a state occasion.



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