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Percentages: The Pain of Life Forces

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A percent growth rate (or sometimes referred to as percent change, growth rate, or rate of change) is a useful indicator to look at how much a population is growing or declining in a particular area. It is also useful when comparing the growth or decline of populations in two different areas or regions. But percent growth rate can be used in other studies besides population (such as employment, unemployment, economic factors, etc.). Any number from one time and any number from another time can be put into the calculation to determine growth rate. This article will show you how to easily calculate the growth rate or percent change.

Things You’ll Need:

  • calculator or spreadsheet software
  1. 1

    The rate of change (percent change, growth rate) from one period to another is calculated as follows:
    Percent Change = (value at end of period – value at beginning of period)/value at beginning of period * 100

  2. 2

    Another way of expressing the equation for growth rate or percent change is:
    Percent change = (Vpresent-Vpast)/Vpast*100

    In this formula,
    Vpresent = present or future value
    Vpast = past or present value

  3. 3

    To further calculate an annual percentage rate of change, divide the percent change arrived at in step two by N.
    N represents the number of years between the two values used in step 2.

  4. 4

    Example to calculate growth rate or percent change:
    A particular city has a population of 800,000 in 1990 and a population of 1,500,000 in 2008. To find the growth rate of the population in this city, do the following:
    Growth Rate = (1,500,000 – 800,000)/800,000 * 100
    Growth Rate = 87.5 percent

    Average Annual Growth Rate = 87.5% / 18 years
    Average Annual Growth Rate = 4.86 percent

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Tis The Fool That Followers Folly

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The Kleeneze Connection: A beautiful dream or perhaps a wonderful muse?



Advantages: None.

Disadvantages: Not worth all the time and money invested.

My husband and I joined Kleeneze to earn a little extra money in the short term. We were a little suspicious of the promotional info, but it sounded innocent enough, and our sponsors seemed to be genuinely honest with us, and friendly, as well as very excited about their own success with the company. We thought we would give it a go, and if this trial period as catalogue distributors proved successful, then we would consider moving into the recruitment phase of things, and begin building up a team under us (as we were encouraged to do).

We wanted “our business” to be a success, and so we did everything required of us: we followed all of the suggestions of our sponsors and upline, bought numerous catalogues and distributed them regularly, purchased other necessary supplies (bags, carts, notebooks, etc.), attended many meetings, and even one conference. We really threw ourselves into the work (and there was plenty of it), in an effort to establish and maintain a good customer base and to offer the best service possible. We did not shirk any of the workload, and we went out to distribute and collect catalogues, as well as to deliver the goods ordered in all weathers. We were as polite as we could be to our customers (even the cranky ones, and those who returned poor or damaged products). Miraculously, we even managed to find a few areas that did not have a Kleeneze representative, and so we had a good average of orders coming in. So what went wrong?

According to these statistics, we should have had a great return on our initial investment right away. After all, we met the 10% level in our first month and then 13% only a couple of months after this (during the pre-Christmas season). We were told that we were doing great by our sponsors and upline. But there was one big problem. Despite all of this apparent “success”, we found that we were not earning anywhere near the estimated amounts claimed in the promotional literature and on the Kleeneze websites. This puzzled us.

Besides this, it was taking many more hours than what we were told that it should take to make the deliveries (and we used a car whenever possible, with two of us on the job most of the time). There were also many hours that needed to be spent on bagging the various catalogues (many of which came back soiled or wet, or which never came back at all, and had to be replaced at our expense). We were spending most of what was apparently “earned” on purchasing more catalogues and new updates, on petrol, and ongoing necessary supplies and other related Kleeneze expenses.

When we asked about this, we were told that it always takes time for a new business to get off the ground, and that we cannot expect to see a profit right away. However, when we began, we were virtually promised profits right away (and sizeable profits at that), as long as “we were willing to do the work”. Well, we did do the work, so the results should have been there! That is, IF the Kleeneze claims were honest and true.

We were a little disturbed by these discrepancies of what was said should be “easily” possible to achieve by anyone (even the blind), compared to the facts of the actual experience. We gave it a sufficient amount of time (a full 6 months) to gather the information and to really give it our all before we wrote up an accurate report of what had been spent each month, how much time was realistically involved with each aspect of the business, and how much was actually earned as true profit (the sum remaining after all related expenses were subtracted). What we found astonished us! We were earning less than 50 pence an hour on average!

What our calculations demonstrated was that all of the claims made by Kleeneze about “profits” totally ignored any expenses involved (which added up to huge amounts), and their estimates of the time required to do the work equally ignored most of the tasks which were actually necessary for completing the job. Hence, although we were apparently earning quite a nice “profit” by Kleeneze’s standards, we were actually earning virtually nothing!

These observations and calculations raised some real concerns that the Kleeneze claims were not just misrepresentations, but were outright lies (with a deliberate intent to mislead the public). We presented these serious concerns in our report to our sponsors and immediate upline individuals. We expected some honest answers to our questions, or advice on what we were doing wrong. But, much to our dismay, they did not attempt to dissuade any of our apprehensions about Kleenze and its trumped up false claims, or offer any help for possibly improving our techniques (if any improvements could have been made in our efficient system). Instead, we received one line from our sponsor’s sponsor which simply stated: “Only failures see the problems.” Which implies that we are failures, and this is why we had not earned enough for the amount of time we had put in, and nothing to do with Kleeneze making any false or unsubstantiated claims.

We have still not received a single comment from our sponsor. We were simply dropped like a hot potato, and have been avoided ever since. All correspondence has been ignored. It has now been over 6 months since this truthful report had been presented to them.

As a result of our findings and the rude behaviour of our sponsors, we have quit Kleeneze. We informed all of our loyal customers that we were leaving before doing so. Fortunately, we have not made any enemies during our brief time serving the public in this way. Also, due to the many good reports in this site, we managed to avoid many of the pitfalls in making our exit from the company, and were sure that everything was paid up before we gave in our notice (which should not have needed to be done if this was truly our own business).

We began to see the Kleeneze system for what it really was, and the truth of this alarmed us. The Kleeneze executives are literally using people to do all of the company’s hard work for them (which involves all of the legwork in delivering and collecting the catalogues, acquiring and keeping track of a regular customer base, ordering products, sorting and delivering the goods efficiently, dealing with customer complaints and returns, plus expecting them to purchase all the materials required to do this, as well as paying for any promotions, and even expecting them to recruit other workers for the company) all under the pretence of it being “your own business” (which it is not). I don’t know how we were fooled by this obvious scam!

All the true profits earned only go up to those at the top of the company, so no matter how hard you try you cannot ever earn enough, and so you are constantly given false hopes and higher expectations that realistically can never be met. Only fools who allow themselves to be deceived by false promises of wealth will be enslaved to the corporate Kleeneze beast.

Summary: Kleeneze uses false claims and lies to lure people into its web of deception.